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About us

Dawn Chin
Director of

Dawn joined our family in 2014. She has the experiences as the agonised customer looking for a reliable servicer to clean her own aircons (who doesn’t!) and worked more than 13 years in the oil and gas industry as a professional buyer. Thus she is able to provide the best customer service, while working with various Aircon servicers.

Her personal vision of is to “Provide the best aircon service in terms of price, workmanship, and at the minimal disruption to our Clients"

All our Aircon Servicers are reliable and professional companies whom we share the same work ethics and vision – to provide a good cleaning for your Airconditioner system at your preferred time.

Here are our top performers!

RM AcElectric Engineering Pte Ltd

We provide reliable aircon services, such as aircon repairs, maintenance, chemical cleaning, chemical wash, aircon installation and aircon gas top up.

Residential & Commercial Aircon Services: We provide professional air-con services for both residential and commercial aircon systems. All our air-con technicians are experienced and trained.

Air-con Brands we specialize in: We specialize in aircon servicing and repair services for air-con brands such as Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, LG, Fujitsu, Carrier, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba, etc.

Air Conditioning System Services: We provide air-con services for all air conditioning systems. The air-con systems we support includes split system aircon, cassette ceiling air conditioner, inverter air conditioner, casement window air conditioner, portable air-con and commercial air conditioners. No job is too small for us and we are more than competent to get the work done!

iHome Solutions

We specialize in services such as Comprehensive Mattress Hygiene Treatment, Aircon Cleaning Services and New Aircon Installation with excellent workmanship with top quality materials. We help you maintain a healthy personal environment by enhancing your quality of sleep through professional hygiene treatment on your mattresses and the highest quality aircon cleaning service Singapore can offer, all for the benefit of your entire family.

At iHome-Solution, we are passionate about the improvement in your quality of air.

Why choose over the 500 aircon service providers in Singapore?

We were one of you... we faced the problems of engaging reliable aircon servicers and had to switch from one to the other just for basic aircon servicing.

We have experienced the pain of losing invoices, or forgotten the appointment details. It didn't make it easier when the AC servicers have to be contacted through the conventional way at the most inconvenient time. offers a hassle-free solution to this need. It is our company mission to seamlessly deliver our service, at the most cost efficient manner, to our Clients, you.

There is no harm to give us a try... We look forward to make your life easier!