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Aircon servicing - One-time aircon chemical cleaning for 4 units


Contract Frequency: 1 times per year (total of 1 servicing at your place)

* (you will receive a reminder requesting for your preferred date and time one week before your next servicing is due)

  • 2020-08-13

Number of units: 4

Contract type: Chemical Wash (1 or more AC unit(s))

Heavy duty servicing that includes the removal of the cover of the airconditioner unit and flushing of the unit with appropriate chemical products. For this there is no dismantling of the fancoil, all the cleaning will be done in-situ with a tray to collect the residue.

This service above cover airconditioners split units of size not more than 9000 BTU per Chemical Wash job.

AG Recommends: the chemicals will be used for tougher grim and dirt that normal servicing is not able to get rid of. Usually recommended to do it once yearly to maintain the airconditioner in good condition. Do note that no dismantling of the airconditioner from their mount on the wall except for the cover.