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Aircon servicing - One-time aircon chemical overhaul for 9 units


Contract Frequency: 1 times per year (total of 1 servicing at your place)

* (you will receive a reminder requesting for your preferred date and time one week before your next servicing is due)

  • 2020-08-13

Number of units: 9

Contract type: Chemical Overhaul (1 or more AC unit(s))

  1. Dismantle aircon unit for chemical cleaning
  2. Chemical cleaning of evaporator coil and filter
  3. Chemical Cleaning of condenser coil
  4. Chemical Cleaning of condensate drain pan
  5. Chemical Cleaning of condensate water drainage system
  6. Chemical Cleaning of blower, wheel and blade
  7. Checking of all electrical component
  8. Checking of all setting including thermostats and controls
  9. Lubricating of all moving parts
  10. Checking of refrigerant system
  11. Top up of refrigerant
  12. Re-installation of aircon unit

This service above cover airconditioners split units of size not more than 9000 BTU per Chemical Overhaul job.

AG Recommends: serious cleaning of the units that will include full dismantling from their mount. This is usually done when chemical wash is not able to remove the built-up in the airconditioners over years of usage and no regular maintenance was performed.