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Aircon servicing - One-time standard aircon servicing for 4 units


Contract Frequency: 1 times per year (total of 1 servicing at your place)

* (you will receive a reminder requesting for your preferred date and time one week before your next servicing is due)

  • 2020-08-17

Number of units: 4

Contract type: maintenance Servicing (2 or more AC units)

  1. Clean Equipment Housing
  2. Clean Air Filter
  3. Clean Cooling Coils
  4. Clean Condensate Drain Pan
  5. Clean Blower Wheel
  6. Clear and Vacuum Drainage Pipe
  7. Check and Clean (if needed) Condenser Coil
  8. Check Motor and Blower Bearing
  9. Check Electrical Apparatus
  10. Test Run of Equipment
  11. Clear Floor and Surrounding Area of Water and Debris

Any work not described above such as top up of refrigerant is additional and will be paid to Servicer directly.

This service above cover airconditioners split units of size 9000 BTU and not more than 1 unit of 12000-18000 BTU per Maintenance Servicing job.

AG Recommends: this should be performed every 3 months, not only to keep the aircon units healthy but to check for any possible or potential issues as well.